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Specializing in farm to table digital branding & marketing solutions. 

Work & Clients

I have done extensive graphic design and photography work in the craft beer, agricultural, and equestrian industries. Click here to learn more... 

Who I Am


I, Paige Ferguson founded Bionic Cowgirl Designs in 2015 after realizing there were few to none graphic design studios that specialized in the agricultural and equestrian industries. There were few graphic designers that knew about the unique marketing and advertising needs these small businesses required.

I was born in Silicon Valley and grew up riding, training and competing in various equestrian sports before a training accident in 2015. I have managed several top horse operations in Kentucky and all over California before earning my paychecks with a computer. 

I have created online educational content for reining, reined cow horse sports, equine biomechanics, and corrective shoeing and trimming. 

I now reside in the Farm to Fork Capital and am happy to help promote small Ag business in California, across the United States, and sometimes globally. 

How I Do It


I wear many hats but my main mission is to create great content for small agriculturally based businesses. I recognize the need and difficulty to "go digital" for those that would rather dedicate their time in the field with their animals and crops, not in the office.


I handle that headache so you can focus on growing your business.

I offer graphic design and print advertisement services, creating or updating websites, photograph your ranch or event, and even update your professional portraits of you doing what you do. 

Authenticity is everything. With over 20 years experience  in the equine industry and cattle ourselves, I know your customer base well and how to promote your ranch or barn in an honest and genuine way that will bring in more connections and commerce for you.

What I Believe


Authenticity is everything in a good marketing strategy. With over 20 years experience in animal husbandry, I know how to promote your ranch or barn in an honest and genuine way that will bring in more connections and commerce for you.

I also believe in educating clients so they can maintain their own online social media platforms and websites with confidence. I set everything up so you can do what you do best. The blog page features lots of educational content on digital and social media marketing best practices.  


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